Psycho Imaginative Therapy

This technique of imagery work helps me assess how my client sees and organises his or her 'inner world'. Psycho-imagery gives me a direct route into the client's unconscious mind. As in Guided Affective Imagery this technique is used part way through therapy and is incredibly powerful. This is because this form of therapy doesn't alert the critical faculty allowing a natural path to the presenting problem.

There are many techniques allowing clients to verbalise self struggle, inner conflicts with themselves, conflicts with others in their lives, sexual conflicts and more. A client could be struggling with daily life, maybe feeling stuck but unable to discuss it in therapy. A technique known as 'The Three Boxes' would tell me much about his/her personality. Through light trance the client would be asked to visualise three boxes. The large box would tell me much about how they deal with the world, how they see the world perhaps. The medium box would give me an insight into my client's defence system, the barriers they hold up against the world. The small box would tell me about their true inner self. The real core of the client, maybe what is in their heart. Sometimes a client may feel surprised that the three boxes they took from inside each other now look as though they don't even fit back together, maybe life doesn't fit together? This simple exercise can bring up stuff that we didn't even know was there or maybe just couldn't put into words allowing us to get to the real heart of the presenting problem and talk about it afterwards in counselling.

I have extensive experience in the field of counselling and psychotherapy but clients are experts on themselves and respect for their individual goals and values is of the utmost imortance to me. I will be your guide through the difficult process of self-understanding and self realisation.

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