Photo Therapy

When someone takes a photo, essentially they are trying to capture a moment in time, frozen forever... and that’s it. The job is done, but in photo therapy it is only just the beginning because that photo alone can produce so many feelings in the here and now and some that may even be repressed or forgotten. That photo can also evoke memories and thoughts and because every client I meet is unique in their own way, every photo they bring will have a unique personal meaning known only to them and with my guided questions I will focus on my client’s feelings, I will gently look for underlying themes and patterns to their answers and I will give them a therapeutic session far beyond a mere verbal exchange.

I will often ask my client to bring in roughly ten photographs that they feel mean something to them or have importance in their lives and they don't necessarily have to be positive memories associated with them. Some clients may bring in more than that saying "I can't make a decision, there's too many to choose from!" Some may bring less or hardly any at all. Some clients might say "I picked the first ten on the top of the pile", and it's often surprising how significant those random pictures are. I expect as you read this some of your own pictures might have popped into your head, what photographs or snapshots would you bring along?

Photo therapy is often used part way through therapy and can be very effective for use with clients with a wide range of presenting issues. It is a very useful form of therapy for clients who feel 'stuck' in life or those who have had trauma or bereavement and are unable to verbalise their feelings.

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