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Life sometimes finds a way to bring stresses and strains, difficult times and worries. Some of us struggle with sleep waking constantly because our minds are never fully asleep as we lay there desperately trying to forget our problems. My new recording 'Take a moment' is now available as an mp3 download or cd. With my soothing voice I will take you on a journey of relaxation allowing you to take a moment for yourself to just relax. The recording is accompanied by a beautifully structured piece of music by Terence Watts paced at exactly 60 beats per minute to produce what is often referred to as 'The Mozart Effect' of increased concentration and calmness. My clients often regularly use my cds at night (some religiously every night without fail) to calm them and allow them to wake the next day full of positive thoughts and a feeling of peace. Some who use them often find that almost minutes after putting it on they fall to sleep, waking as I count them out to turn off the cd and then falling back to sleep.

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