Gastric Band Weight Management Group Therapy

I am currently running group therapy sessions for weight management incorporating the gastric band virtual operation at a significantly low price at The Thomas Wall Centre in Surrey. Each group attends 8 sessions of hypnotherapy and I cover everything from reframing the way you think about food, emotional eating, loving yourself, motivation to exercise and more. The 9th session is the gastric band virtual operation which is a one to one personal hypnosis session. Each session will include a hypnotic intervention and the whole session will last around 1 to 1 and a half hours. I am a firm believer that the gastric band virtual operation cannot be viewed as a 'magic wand' that I will wave and you will automatically change your eating habits. This is why I address all aspects of your life through the 8 sessions and by the time you reach the 9th session, you will be achieving a deep trance state due to all the practise you have had, you will be in a better place in your mind and in life and ready to experience the virtual gastric band operation.

Because this is not one on one personal therapy I will never ask you to contribute to the group unless you offer your own personal feelings. The things I will bring up will mean more to some than others but every client attending will identify in some way with our sessions. If you are happy to discuss your feelings and emotions from your own personal experiences with the group you will be supported and respected but no one who attends will be pushed into talking about something they are uncomfortable with or feel judged in any way.

This is not a diet as diets don't work. This will help you to think like a slim person and eat when you want to, when you are genuinely physically hungry and not when you feel ravenous simply because something just happened at work or home that brought some emotion. I want to give you the tools to change the way you think about food for the rest of your life. All you have to do is be open to the work we do together and to want the change. Don't come if your husband/wife, mum/dad or someone else wants you to lose weight, come for yourself. Come for you, give yourself that chance. If you believe in things happening for a reason, then think about how you found your way to this page, maybe it's your time at last?

I am launching a new group on Wednesday 5th of February at 7pm. If you are interested in attending please contact me to enquire about availability. I am happy to accept couples or groups of friends too so maybe you would like to ask some work colleagues or friends to come along with you.

If you are simply curious and want to ask some questions about group therapy for weight please don't hesitate to call. I think it is very important that you feel comfortable and at ease with your therapist. I have heard many stories of people going for hypnotherapy and feeling totally unhappy with the therapist they have just paid to put them in a relaxed state to do change work. If you give me a call you can get an idea of how I work and how I sound and then if you feel comfortable you can take the next step.

Call me on 02084068855 or 07855660390

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