Therapy For Therapists

I remember reading a long time ago in a book by Richard Bandler a quote that therapists live on average 8 years less than everybody else. Now I haven't a clue if this is correct but I read it around the time in my early days when I was struggling with transference and seemed to be spending most days walking around with my clients issues in my head and it certainly made me wonder whether the things we hear on a daily basis could have such an effect. Another thing I did in my early days was tell myself a client wasn't ready to be cured/fixed if they stopped coming unannounced or gave up therapy but then I began to explore why because everything has a consequence.

If you are a good therapist you will be having regular supervision anyway but I feel its very important to reassess yourself constantly and to be able to challenge yourself as to whether you could be busier or better than you are now. I hear stories from clients all the time that have been to various therapists before they come to me and I wonder how these therapists are practising at all. Some simply seem like dinosaurs stuck in a world of 'how does that make you feel' therapy struggling along with a handful of clients. So how is it for you? What have you learned? What great talents and abilities do you have to share? What is your search for greatness? Do you feel you haven't achieved your true potential yet? Do you wish you had a waiting list of clients all needing your therapy? Do you imagine holding seminars sharing your knowledge? You could have a whole list of things you want to achieve but remember now that your outer world is a mirror reflection of your inner world. Whatever you focus on becomes your truth. So when you think about your search for greatness, think about what stops you? What do you put in your own way?

Imagine being a therapist who truly believes in everything he or she says. No fears, no doubts, no inhibitions. Self belief like no other. A self confidence that you ooze from every pore in your skin. A belief that says you can achieve anything because you believe it.

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