Mass Stop Smoking For Rett Syndrome

On Saturday 27th July 2013 I held a group stop smoking hypnotherapy session with all proceeds going to Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK. At this event I charged £35 for freedom from tobacco because a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to become friends with Hannah Johnson and her family and began to learn about Rett syndrome which is a cruel disorder which manifests in girls. To this day there are many people who dont know an awful lot about Rett so its important to get the word out there.

Here is a quote from Hannah's mum Beth who tirelessly campaigns for a cure, she is truly an inspiring person. "When Hannah was first diagnosed I didn’t know enough (and didn’t allow myself to know enough) about Rett Syndrome to understand that a cure was the only hope. Then, once I started to learn more, I didn’t allow myself to believe that a cure in her lifetime was possible. It seemed too fantastical, too far out of reach, to think it could really happen in time for my little girl. Now, as I continue to learn more about what Rett really means for Hannah, and about the research going on today, I realise that a cure is not only possible, it is the ONLY possible future. I cannot allow myself to think about the possibilities of the alternatives. The prayer I offer every night is not one born of blind faith, for a miraculous thunderbolt from an omniscient being; it is one born of proven fact, for a miraculous breakthrough by a handful of knowledgeable scientists, supported by a group of dedicated parents, in whom my faith lies and on whom my hope depends."


  If you wish to support RSRTUK in any way shape or form, be it a donation or fundraising for this worthy cause please search RSRTUK and see what you can do to help change not only Hannah's life but many other unfortunate children.

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