Tony Owen

In the year of 2013 I was lucky enough to work with a professional boxer named Tony Owen. It was suggested by a mutual acquaintance that he come to see me for something that may have been holding him back. Confidentiality is something that is paramount in therapy, however Tony kindly decided to share his story to help others. This is something that for me says an awful lot about the man he is. As therapists we will often fix/cure celebrities and stay hidden which is part of our job but for a professional boxer to show that we can all become 'stuck' in our lives and there is no shame in that is a testament to the true champion he is.

Here is a link to a blog written about my work with Tony by Jacquie Russell who calls herself 'The Boxing Runner'. Jacquie writes with such flair and it is truly a great read so if you need a little inspiration or a push in life read Tony's story and make sure you buy a ticket for his next fight because this man is an incredible boxer to watch and I believe at some point everyone will know his name.

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