About Me: John Mill Dip.Hyp/Psych NLP Practitioner. GHR Reg. NHS Dir. CRB Enhanced.

I am a unique individual just like you. I was born some 49 years ago and in that time have had an huge amount of life experience. I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones) and went through my younger days always in plaster, always feeling perhaps a little bit different. After school I began going from job to job doing everything and anything, you name it I tried it. I had my own businesses some which failed some which were hugely successful but it wasn't until I began doing voluntary counselling that I began to see the world from another angle. I knew I was one of those people that others found it easy to talk to, perhaps share a problem with or a secret but I didn't know it could be turned into a huge skill. Over the years I put in many hours telephone counselling at Childline and have since counselled around 400 children. There I was trained by a brilliant team of trainers, mentors and supervisors up to advanced level in counselling. I went on to become a mentor myself and helped with training too teaching new counsellors. It was from there I became interested in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and neuro linguistic programming but that interest became a life changing experience in itself just like it can for you.

I am fully insured as a hypnotherapist by Holistic Insurance Services.

I am a huge lover of life but to me sometimes it feels like the world spins and people rush around going through their daily lives but they never stop, pause and look at life, look at themselves. Have you ever just stopped what you were doing, maybe pulled over in your car or took a step back and just... took a moment. Thought about you, what you want, what you want to change, how you would like it to be. Try it, today perhaps... a little bit of me time. Maybe there is something in life you would like to change? Or you find yourself living constantly in the past through bad experiences and memories and you just wish you could move forward and leave it all behind? Maybe you feel stuck? You might just want to talk to someone? I am a professional hypnotherapist but some clients just need counselling and psychotherapy.

If you woke up tomorrow morning and a miracle had happened in the night and everything was just how you wanted it to be, what would be the first thing you notice? Maybe we could begin there...

I am a unique individual just like you and it's important to me that that you are here now thinking about changing yours or someone else's life for the better. This page is called 'about me' but really, this is all about you so why not get in touch.

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