So hold on! Why is he not in Harley Street? Well my friend, I began as a hypnotherapist in Harley Street and worked there for 3 years before deciding to open another practise in Surrey.

What happened then was literally an explosion of clients wanting to see me in Sutton and my client list there just got bigger and bigger. So because it wasn't far from my home I decided to give up the commuter life going up and back to london on tubes in the hustle and bustle and work solely in Sutton. My prices in Harley Street were anything up to £375 per session but as you will see in Sutton you get the same thing for a fraction of the cost. My therapy room is located very close to Sutton town centre and I have created a safe place for my clients to come and feel comfortable and relaxed. The Thomas Wall Centre has been in Sutton since 1910 and resembles an old school building. However my therapy room has been decorated quite differently to create a tranquil, calm place to share life's problems. 07855660390