To become a great sportsman, to perform perfectly in every possible way, to be focussed, accurate, strong, relaxed and everything else you need to be, you need to have your mind in the best possible shape. My job is to take you on a search for 'greatness', to guide you, challenge you, encourage you and take away every possible excuse you have given yourself to lose.

When we struggle in a sport we love or begin to falter in a sport we have excelled in, it can be the same as any other issue in therapy. We begin to do things wrong in a positive way. Positive? How is it positive I hear you cry? Because subconsciously maybe deep down part of you feels you don't deserve this, not good enough. Or maybe a simple event in your life has caused you to unlearn some of your talents. You could feel as you become more and more famous that you'll let others down or the pressure becomes too much. So we begin to break it down, take it apart and look at your skills, talents, achievements. But most of all we look at you.

The person you are? How you feel about you? What you give off in life? How others experience you? What blocks you? What obstacles do you put/imagine in front of you?

Then we begin to use hypnosis to imagine you winning, achieving great success, reaching your highest aspirations. Imagine having nothing in your mind on that big day but success, accuracy, strength, determination and endurance and anything else you need in your chosen sport. I have worked with many celebrity sports people, famous footballers, famous boxers etc. I have been lucky enough to have worked backstage at the 02 with a professional boxer on a night that Anthony Joshua was top of the bill and I had great pleasure watching my fighter win. I can get you to such a peak in your mind that you have nothing in you other than to WIN. I will work with you closely, teaching you how to have such an awareness of yourself that you will be able to literally flick negative thoughts from your mind and zone in on everything that makes you the incredible sports person you are! 07855660390